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Mr Wilding's words Lent week 4
Mr Wilding's words Lent week 4
“Be the light in the darkness.”  Irrespective of its genesis, I’ve needed to call to mind this instruction this week, reminding as it does all of us to rise above the doom and gloom of the current news. 
Tuesday 02 FebruaryB9 Options Presentation Evening ( - 7:00pm
Wednesday 03 FebruaryB11 6F Interviews1:40pm - 4:00pm
From the Office
A message from the Executive Head
Dear Parents and Guardians

Whether you agree with the current period of lockdown or not, it is a relief that education professionals are now in a position to be able to tentatively plan for a ‘Return to school’ after the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier in the week. Tentatively though, as we have little indication which year groups will be allowed back first, or if some pupils will actually return this side of the Easter break. 

Nevertheless, I am seeing it as a bit of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ moment. That is my theme for today. And why? Well, because we are back in the depths of homeschooling, to routines that often seem alien to us, to taking on roles in the household that we did not sign up for, to seeing your children have to build skills you may not have aspired for them to gain at such an early age…...the list goes on. 

And, while so much of this is centred as it should be around the children, care and compassion is very much needed for parents too. You have been, without exception, doing an amazing job in helping us support your children in their academic and pastoral learning. So many of you are juggling other responsibilities and dealing with your own stresses that Covid engenders. 

If you take one thing from my words today, let it be this: no matter how well or badly you feel you are supporting your children, whether they are getting lots or very little of your attention, they are getting the best they can get as it is coming from you. You know your children so well, and they will thank you for this support forever. 

Although it may not seem like it when you are in the midst of helping (or not helping!) with an algebra equation, or if you are on a virtual call with work and they are stuck on a comprehension question, if you are a Key Worker and your children are in school, or even if you don’t see them between breakfast and lunch at home and are just praying they are getting on ok… are giving them the best you can give, and they are so lucky to have you. One day, maybe even when they have their own children, they will realise the help and often the sacrifices you have made for them.

From Claires Court, we thank you so very much too. We are always here at the end of a phone or a computer to help with any problems.

Over the coming weeks I will communicate with you on school operational matters for this academic year, such as a return to school. The Principals and I are endeavouring to establish our position and response to the Covid Lockdown, and as ever, we will be transparent with our intentions and plans. Thank you for your patience on this.

Well, more snow is forecast for the weekend, more rain….but I believe that we are slowly moving towards that light at the end of the tunnel. For all of us I am sure, it cannot come soon enough.

Please stay safe.

Best wishes

Justin Spanswick
Executive Head Teacher

Lateral Flow Testing Consent
With the Government announcement that it hopes schools to reopen from Monday 8 March, may we please ask you to complete the Lateral Flow Testing consent form as soon as possible, if you had not already completed it at the start of term. Many thanks.

CWV Form 22 February to 5 March
Please find the new Critical Worker and Vulnerable children form to complete if you require your son to come into school for his remote learning at all during the two week period after half term. Guidance about In-School remote learning provision at Senior Boys can be found here:

Common Task 2 for Lent term
We are continuing to run our Common Tasks this term, and these assessments take place in each subject, across both boys and girls, enabling us to check the progress of all children of the same age. They are marked and moderated according to an agreed mark scheme to ensure our academic provision continues to meet the standards we demand, and very much follow the work described in each year group’s curriculum statements.  Teachers have adapted their assessments this term to suit our current online working. Please bear in mind these assessments form part of the composite end of term grade, together with the other formative assessments which will continue throughout the term, forming the body of work completed by each pupil as well as the year group as a whole.

B8 HPV Immunisations
The Berkshire School Aged Immunisation Team will be providing the HPV vaccine to all Year 8 boys and girls, and a small number of Year 10 girls, at Claires Court on Wednesday 3 March 2021. Please find the letter and consent form which must be completed by Sunday 7 February using the school’s code BK110153B, even if you decide you do not wish your child to receive this. Please note school cannot accept verbal or email consent directly. If you have any queries regarding the vaccine itself, please contact the Berkshire Immunisation Team in the first instance and Mrs Levi, Lead Nurse, for all other enquiries ( 
In order to ensure that we provide this essential service in a COVID safe manner, all vaccinations will take place in the Sports Hall at the Senior Boys site, Ray Mill Road East, SL6 8TE. Appointments will be sent directly to parents, by the Berkshire Immunisation Team. Parents are asked to drive their children to Claires Court Senior Boys (please use the on site parking area) for their appointment, wait in their car (approximately 30 minutes), and take their child home. Further details will be available closer to the immunisation date. All staff will be made aware of the appointment times so that they will not expect your child to be in their online lesson when they have their appointment. Critical Worker/Vulnerable child provision will not be affected.

Senior Head’s Open House MEET - Tuesdays 10am Weekly 
Please feel free to drop in here ( to speak with Mrs Rogers, Mr Richards and Mr Wilding from 10am to 10.30am every Tuesday morning.
DrugFAM Parent Talks 
The presentation given by Elizabeth Burton-Phillips, founder of DrugFAM, and Sharon Harris on Tuesday 19 January was ‘lived by experience’, hence we are not able to share the actual personal presentation. Elizabeth founded the charity in memory of her son who she lost in 2004, to support the families of those affected by a loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol, those bereaved by addiction and to educate staff, parents and school pupils about the dangers of drug use and its impact on families. Matters of significant importance which were covered by both speakers include how young people’s mental health is damaged by cannabis, xanax, cocaine, nitrous oxide (also known as ‘laughing gas’) and how cigarettes can be the gateway drug to dependence and addiction to such drugs as crack cocaine and heroin. Alcohol was also discussed as being a legal drug which has been destroying family life for many years. 
Elizabeth recommends parents read the leaflet How to talk to your child about drugs (NHS) and further help and support can be found at Advice for the families of people who use drugs (NHS), which includes contact details for DrugFAM. Please find slides from the pupil presentation which include drawings done by her former pupils, who are now in prison as a result of their actions and consequences, illustrating the mental health damage caused by drugs and addiction.
3K Virtual Running Championship - ends Friday 29 January
A reminder that the 3K Challenge ends today, with winners announced on Monday 1 February. Get your 3K run time(s) in as soon as possible on the 'Entry Form' with evidence of your time (e.g. gps watch/phone screenshot) and check the 'Live Leaderboard'. 
B9 Options Presentation Evening - Tuesday 2 February 6pm
Please join the Senior Boys Leadership team at 6pm on Tuesday 2 February for the GCSE Options Evening using this link ( Please enter the ‘MEET’ with your camera and mic turned off. Please find the GCSE Handbook for your perusal in advance and the GCSE Options Form that you will be asked to complete following this event by Friday 26 February.
B11 Sixth Form Interviews - Wednesday 3 February
Mrs Rogers will continue her interviews with the Year 11 boys who are either staying at Claires Court for Sixth Form or are unsure, in small groups of three or four during the afternoon of Wednesday 3 February. 
Linguists of the Week
In German for their excellent online participation:
  • KS4: Matthew Creaser, Tom Moelhoek and Harry Ruinet
  • KS3: Cole Dodd, Jayden Dawson, Jack Newton and Tom Crane.
Historians of the Week
  • Tom Darley (Year 7) for his work on Thomas Becket
  • James Wojciechowicz (Year 8) for his excellent essay on the Gunpowder Plot
  • Charlie Badman (Year 10) who has made an excellent start to his work on WW1
  • Andrew Paul (Year 11) for top-quality exam-type answers on Germany.
Mathematicians of the Week
Congratulations to Gio Berto, Maz Butt, Aryan Jain, Tom Molhoek, Andrew Paul and William Paveley for their strong academic achievement in the recent Maths exams.

Scientists of the Week
  • Aiden Kerr (Year 8) for excellent recall of knowledge in online assessment
  • Robbie Jones (Year 10) for excellent effort on Rates of Reaction and working really hard!
  • Noah Butland (Year 10) for an excellent revision poster and video and excellent knowledge of cell division and DNA structure
  • Josh Croly (Year 11) for excellent attainment on assignments.
Book Recommendation of the Week from the Library
Take part in the RSPB's big bird watchTake part in the RSPB's big bird watch

This weekend sees the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and you can join in from home - get any bird feeders topped up and a cup of tea ready to watch out for and log all the different types of bird you see in the garden.
Senior Girls podcast episode two available now

Keeping us entertained during lockdown and using confidence in broadcasting, our Senior Girls Head Girls team, Scarlett and Sophie are with Head Teacher Mr RIchards, and Deputy Head - Pastoral, Mrs Ruddick for episode two of the Senior Girls...
Senior Girls podcast episode two available now
Music and art fun for everyoneMusic and art fun for everyone

We're launching a new challenge for parents and young people to have a bit of creative fun together with music and art. 
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