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Mrs Kirby's words Lent week 4
Mrs Kirby's words Lent week 4
From Mrs Ainsley We've had the pleasure of some very helpful firefighters in the Nursery this week. They have followed all our fire safety guidelines and looked after everybody very well. Their training has involved lots of learning of new...
From the Office
A message from the Executive Head
Dear Parents and Guardians

Whether you agree with the current period of lockdown or not, it is a relief that education professionals are now in a position to be able to tentatively plan for a ‘Return to school’ after the Prime Minister’s announcement earlier in the week. Tentatively though, as we have little indication which year groups will be allowed back first, or if some pupils will actually return this side of the Easter break. 

Nevertheless, I am seeing it as a bit of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ moment. That is my theme for today. And why? Well, because we are back in the depths of homeschooling, to routines that often seem alien to us, to taking on roles in the household that we did not sign up for, to seeing your children have to build skills you may not have aspired for them to gain at such an early age…...the list goes on. 

And, while so much of this is centred as it should be around the children, care and compassion is very much needed for parents too. You have been, without exception, doing an amazing job in helping us support your children in their academic and pastoral learning. So many of you are juggling other responsibilities and dealing with your own stresses that Covid engenders. 

If you take one thing from my words today, let it be this: no matter how well or badly you feel you are supporting your children, whether they are getting lots or very little of your attention, they are getting the best they can get as it is coming from you. You know your children so well, and they will thank you for this support forever. 

Although it may not seem like it when you are in the midst of helping (or not helping!) with an algebra equation, or if you are on a virtual call with work and they are stuck on a comprehension question, if you are a Key Worker and your children are in school, or even if you don’t see them between breakfast and lunch at home and are just praying they are getting on ok… are giving them the best you can give, and they are so lucky to have you. One day, maybe even when they have their own children, they will realise the help and often the sacrifices you have made for them.

From Claires Court, we thank you so very much too. We are always here at the end of a phone or a computer to help with any problems.

Over the coming weeks I will communicate with you on school operational matters for this academic year, such as a return to school. The Principals and I are endeavouring to establish our position and response to the Covid Lockdown, and as ever, we will be transparent with our intentions and plans. Thank you for your patience on this.

Well, more snow is forecast for the weekend, more rain….but I believe that we are slowly moving towards that light at the end of the tunnel. For all of us I am sure, it cannot come soon enough.

Please stay safe.

Best wishes

Justin Spanswick
Executive Head Teacher

Polite reminders
  • Nursery starts at 8.30am. Please wait in your car until this time whilst key worker children are arriving
  • We have all windows and doors open at the moment for added ventilation so please ensure your child is dressed appropriately 
  • Please bring coats, scarves, mittens and hats etc for outside activities
  • Please name all items of clothing which are coming into school
  • Please provide a pair of wellies if you haven’t already
  • Please provide a morning snack for your child, and please remember we are a no nut/kiwi/allergen school.
Library servicesLibrary services

The weeks ahead are jam-packed with wonderful reading and library opportunities, and here Mrs Copeman explains what's coming up..
Take part in the RSPB's big bird watch

This weekend sees the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and you can join in from home - get any bird feeders topped up and a cup of tea ready to watch out for and log all the different types of bird you see in the garden.
Take part in the RSPB's big bird watch
Music and art fun for everyoneMusic and art fun for everyone

We're launching a new challenge for parents and young people to have a bit of creative fun together with music and art. 
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