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Mr Wilding's words Lent week 3
Mr Wilding's words Lent week 3
Well, we have completed three weeks back in school and online, and for almost all of us, adults and young people, we have got back into a very good groove for much of the time (pictured is the delicious meal cooked up in our food technology class...
Monday 25 January7B Parent Tutor MEET (Miss Sherpa)9:00am - 4:00pm
Monday 25 January7A Parent Tutor MEET (Mr Perez)9:00am - 4:00pm
Monday 25 January7C Parent Tutor MEET (Mrs Wadsworth)9:00am - 4:00pm
Monday 25 January7D Parent Tutor MEET (Mrs Denton)9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 26 January9A Parent Tutor MEET (Mr Ingham Clark)9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 26 January9B Parent Tutor MEET (Mr Mulholland)9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 26 January9C Parent Tutor MEET (Mrs Chandelier)9:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday 26 January9D Parent Tutor MEET (Mrs Lothian)9:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday 27 JanuaryB11 6F Interviews1:40pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday 02 FebruaryB9 Options Presentation Evening6:00pm - 7:00pm
Wednesday 03 FebruaryB11 6F Interviews1:40pm - 4:00pm
From the Office
A message from the Executive Head
Dear Parents and Guardians

As we complete our third week of lockdown, schools are trying to glean any information available about the government's intentions for the safe return of pupils to their ‘physical’ classes. While we have been guaranteed two weeks’ notice before children return, we still don’t know if they intend to bring back Year groups on a rotational basis or to guide us to prioritise examination year groups, or if there is to be no movement at all after half term.

What we do know is that our best laid plans are always liable to change, often at short notice! Please be assured that we will update you on any guidance that is presented to us, and we will ensure your children's safety and wellbeing will always be our top priority once we are allowed to invite pupis, and staff back to school, and we value your ongoing support and understanding.

In the meantime, please have a safe and restful weekend.

Best wishes

Justin Spanswick
Executive Headteacher
3K international virtual running championship
Please find details of the 3K Challenge that Claires Court is competing in against schools from around the world, which is open to boys, staff and parents! There are both year group winners and an overall school winner. Submit your 3K run time via the 'Entry Form' with evidence of your time (e.g. gps watch/phone screenshot) and see the 'Live Leaderboard' for updates. The competition runs until Friday 29 January, with winners announced on 1 February. Please note, where possible you should avoid running alone, in the dark, on busy roads or in crowded areas, and your son should always let you know his intended route.
Curriculum Statements and Digital Learning Handbook
Please do refer to the curriculum statement for your son’s year group for further information about our approach to teaching within each subject area. These booklets outline what is being taught, how it will be taught, the resources that are used, and how progress will be assessed. Handbook for Digital Learning

Weekly on Tuesdays at 10am - Mr Wilding’s Open House MEET
Please feel free to drop in here to speak with Mr Wilding from 10 to 10.30am every Tuesday morning.
Tuesday 19 January - Virtual parent drugs talk
Thank you to those who joined us for the DrugFam talk on Tuesday evening. Apologies for the slightly delayed start due to technical issues! Unfortunately we cannot share the live recording, as it contains personal family photos, but we are working with Elizabeth and Sharon from DrugFam to produce some literature that we are able to share. 
Monday 25 January - B7 Parent Tutor Virtual Meetings
To access your Tutor ‘MEET’ please use the links below for your son’s Form Tutor Please note you will need to ‘ask to join’ the MEET, and you will be admitted once the previous session has finished. Thank you in advance for your patience. Tuesday 26 February P5 3pm - Food Practical 2 for B7-9
Please join Mrs Kerry Irons for the next Food Practical lesson, following the great success of the first lesson. Please find an updated letter here with details of the menu and a consent form to complete only if you are new to the course. 
Tuesday 26 January - B9 Parent Tutor Virtual Meetings
You are invited to book a 15-minute slot to ‘MEET’ with your son’s Form Tutor throughout the day on Tuesday 26 January. Bookings close at midday on 25 January and can be made by logging into the Report Portal and selecting ‘Parent Evenings’ from the menu (further guidance on slide 6). Please use the MEET links below and note you will need to wait to be ‘admitted’ to the MEET, once the previous session has finished. Wednesday 27 January and 3 February - B11 Sixth Form Interviews
Mrs Rogers will be interviewing the Year 11 boys who are either staying at Claires Court for Sixth Form or are unsure, in small groups of three or four during the afternoons of Wednesday 27 January and Wednesday 3 February.
Tuesday 2 February 6pm - B9 Options Presentation Evening
Please ‘save the date’ for the GCSE Options Evening and we will send you a MEET link to join in due course. Please find the GCSE Handbook for your perusal and the GCSE Options Form that you will be asked to complete following this event.
Linguists of the Week
In Mrs Wadsworth’s French and German classes for their excellent online participation: 
  • Henry Adamson, James Burnand and Alex Reid-Hughes (Year 7)
  • Hugo Winter and Luke Robertson (Year 8)
  • Oscar Helm and Billy Ray (Year 9)
Historians of the Week
This week's star historians are Humphrey Brown (KS3) and Dom Lyons (KS4).

Mathematicians of the Week
Well done to Isaac Jackson (Year 7), Tom Field and James Rapier (Year 8), Billy Crossfield and Theo Sullivan (Year 9), Charlie Badman and James Turrell (Year 10) and Ayshmit Sethi and Andrew Paul (Year 11).

Scientists of the Week
  • Spike Stalham (Year 7) for carrying out so many experiments to find the pressure exerted when standing on different parts of his body
  • Tristan Lowry (Year 8) for excellent work as well as online engagement
  • Jude Armstrong, Leo Kampanaos and Tom Field (Year 8) for Quizlet Live Mastery in Breakout Rooms
  • Charlie Lucas and Nikhil Vedi (Year 9) for integrating some amazing creative writing skills into their Biology lesson on the cholera outbreak
  • Alex Belsey, James Binks and Tom Webster (Year 9) for an excellent Microbe Zoo
  • Joseph Brittain (Year 9) not for any specific piece of work but for the enthusiasm he has shown in Chemistry lessons since he moved up from set 2 - a breath of fresh air
  • Jamie Davies (Year 10) for excellent effort, work and participation during online learning in all three sciences
  • Archie Cottington (Year 11) for brilliant online engagement in tasks set in Biology
  • Andrew Paul (Year 11) for his hilarious and informative Physics YouTube video on how the motor works.
Book Recommendation of the Week

From the Library
Join Penguin Live (virtually) every Tuesday until 16 February for a series of free lunchtime events from Penguin authors which will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions this year! See the list of events here and register to attend (free!). If you can't fit this in on Tuesdays, all events will be recorded and sent to all bookers the day after the event. They will be available to watch for seven days.

Virtual open events
We have virtual open events for all age groups during January. Find out more and book on or please share this link with family and friends
Spotlight on Sixth Form and beyond
Exciting events for everyone exploring options for Sixth Form and beyond are taking place next Wednesday 27 January:
For anyone who missed our Spotlight on our Sixth Form this week, there’s another session next Wednesday where you can hear from Head Teacher Mrs Rogers and current students for a taste of how our Sixth Form can support your ambitions. Please register here >>>

And, from 12noon to 6pm, a free virtual event for Year 11, 12 and 13s, parents and teachers featuring universities, colleges, and apprenticeship providers from across the UK, allowing you to explore all your post-18 years options in one place.

For more information and to register, please visit >>>
Outside the day job - two members of staff officiate rugby matchOutside the day job - two members of staff officiate rugby match

Eagle-eyed rugby fans may have spotted our esteemed and multi-talented staff (Mr Hudson, Senior Boys, left, and Mr Richards, Junior Boys, right) as the two assistant referees at the Ealing v Saracens game last Saturday (16 January).
Spotlight on Sixth Form and beyond

Exciting events for everyone exploring options for Sixth Form and beyond are taking place on Wednesday 27 January.
Spotlight on Sixth Form and beyond
In-house Lego-building competition entertains pupils and staffIn-house Lego-building competition entertains pupils and staff

Alongside our ongoing education and academic lessons, Senior Boys are flexing their creative muscles too with some fantastic in-house competitions.
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